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1:As the emerging of AustraliaCROAndCMOService enterprises,Key techniques in the biological pharmaceutical industry has its unique competitive power。Team has including recombinant protein products(Antibodies and antibody fragments、Clotting co-stimulating products, etc)、And the vaccine products(Virus vaccine and bacteria、Virus particles products, etc)The technology development and production experience,The expression of a variety of system(CHO、EB66、Vero、MDCKAnd so on)Has a wealth of development experience。Employ well-known foreign enterprises process engineering experts as long-term strategy consultant,Ensure the stability of production and technology advancement。
2:Australia, to provide customers with integrated control scheme,Including technical expertise optimization process for the customer,Improve the quantity of protein expression in order to reduce the scale of production。Localization of its domestic long-term strategic cooperation partners can provide high quality and efficiency of no in serum、Personalization、Chemical composition defined cell culture medium,Provide formula for biopharmaceutical industry production、Technical support and supporting services。Australia, integration of domestic pharmaceutical equipment at the same time,Including current disposable bioreactor、Pharmaceutical technology one-time consumables、And with liquid、Transshipment and other pharmaceutical equipment。The integrated control scheme to achieve the same industry the most competitive pharmaceutical costs,To lower the price of biological medicine,Promote the development of industry。
3:Macao, pay attention to the advanced technology,Rather than simple hardware investment,“Flexible”It is the biggest characteristic of Macao,。According to customer requirements,Building modular production technology strategy,The use of disposable bioreactor and the modular production mode which can realize a workshop production of multiple products and continuous production scheduling,To achieve efficient production。Australia, with domestic and foreign advanced production equipment at the same time to choose,Equipped with more than 10 units50-3000LScale,Different mechanism(Mixing type and wild type)The disposable bioreactor,To deal with different customers and the product diverse demand。

4:Australia, data integration platform is established,Will the entire production equipment from the concentrate to the finished product to make an appointment、Parameter setting、Real time and the result of the experiment system of received data,And for the production process to establish electronic work instructions,Operators on the human-machine interface for production records,Realize the paperless office。Macao, integrationERPResources,Materials from procurement to warehousing is established、Outbound、Preparation、Use、And logistics in the whole process of the abandoned telemetry system,Automatic generation of material balance data。Australia, production workshop and laboratory use transparent visual management,The concentrate and diversified clothing line design with reference to the United States at the same timeFDPAnd ChinacGMPStandard,Will satisfy products for domestic and foreign double surplus demands to declare。Australia, gu will research and production related data docking with the examination and approval department for electronics,Hai check with dealing with the agency and customers。The electronic data platform、The sample cell lines and security system、And the use of safe and secret system of data can be real to reassure customers,To regulators,Become the industry benchmark。


5:Customer's most loyal partners:Australia, to provide customers with more ways of cooperation mode,As well as the entrusted development、Production of drugs,Also
Can generation plants for our customers,Even offer instead of factory and production and operating activities of customer service。Macao, the core values of Wisconsin
To reduce the entry barriers、Assist new drug research and development、Promote the development of industry。We are willing to accompany the customer growth,Accept customers in medicine
Development and industrialization of outsourcing service demand at various stages。

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Building China's biopharmaceutical industry technical service and contract manufacturing in one of the leading companies,Focus on the production technology development service(CRO)、Pilot test and commercial scale production services contract(CMO)。Has a biological pharmaceutical industry's top team,Can be provided for the customer“Research and development->Production->Logistics->Technical support->After sales”One-stop service,Including cell line development、Medium optimization、Cell culture technology development、Purification technology development、Preparation technology development and the stability test、Detection analysis method to establish and verify、Detection of outsourcing services、Pilot test and commercial scale(GMPLevel)Production,Sample preparation for preclinical and clinical research,Assist to register to declare,Provide full industrial chain technology consulting personalized custom services。

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